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About the Web Media Collective

Preserving human knowledge, together.
The Web Media Collective (WMC) was established in 1998 to help faculty organize, preserve and share their life's work -- work in the form of images, video, audio, animations, CAD drawings, etc. [more...]


The WMC is a membership group -- members participate in the collective in a variety of ways. What is learned from one project is passed along to the others, be it a piece of code or a way to address policy matters. Here is an overview of the member projects in Humanities, Arts and Architecture at Ohio State.


Members Only

Access to administrative tools/info for WMC project teams (password required).
Featured Project

The Colleges of the Arts & Sciences Media Manager - The new and improved Colleges of the Arts and Sciences (ASC) Media Manager has been released.

To learn more about the Media Manager use the following link to visit it. [more...]

Member Projects
Every piece of media--books, TV programs, music, photographs, art, software, etc.--captures a particular society's knowledge and values in a form that can be passed on to future generations.

This project is aimed at preserving these 'knowledge artifacts' and making them accessible so that future generations can gain a deeper understanding of the human experience.

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